Goodnight M.A.E.

My dear Blogger Friends, Hope you had, are having a good day.

I slept 3 hours last night and I am ready to get to sleep.

Last night I could not sleep regardless of the meds I took.

I have some upsetting news about Toby.

He will be admitted to the hospital Monday because he is not doing better, A month and a half with this terrible cough.

The Dr tried all he could and told him that if he was not better by Monday, to go to the ER and check in.

I am praying that with IVs etch he will heal quickly or I will be NOT leaving him alone here.

I ask one more time to pray for his healing, PLEASE!! I believe in the power of prayers and since the doctor told him he needs to stay at least a week there and they will take Xrays that nothing bad will come up. I DO TRUST in the LORD and I just will stay calm and wait.

God Bless you, Love you in Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior.


Pat, Child Of God. 


Ps I have a wrong pic here but I don’t want to redo it all, LOL Time to try to sleep!!


19 thoughts on “Goodnight M.A.E.

  1. Pat, I don’t know where you live, but a massive number of people have congestion/breathing problems.
    Does he get shortness of breath? I will tell you what I think, do not take him to any emergency room.
    Have you got a regular Doctor? Answer me asap and I will help you, or you can email me at blackhorn33, and that is at gmail. If I write it all out, your spam filter will block this.
    Also I will finish telling you what you need to do.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time. I will bring that up before they do anything, truly.
      I write it down so I don’t forget. Is worse at night and his cough makes him not see well as well. I appreciate you very much and I will tell hem that a DR mentions that. I am so happy and surprised about your comment. I think our r already excluded that because he treated him 2 times. I will let you know if OK with you. Thank you for your compassion, God Bless you..


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