The Way to Financial Well-Being – Day 9

Read Psalm 139:1 – 18

The way to financial well-being is a returning home to your deepest sense of self, which is rooted and nurtured in God’s love. So much financial teaching begins from the outside and

sometimes works its way in. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve started the journey of tending to this aspect of your interior life. You’ve discovered a little more about who you are and how God has designed you. Now you can start to see beyond the traditional notions that people must fit a specific money mold and that there is only one right way to think and feel about finances. The way you relate to money stems from the way you relate to God, from the unique way you are God-wired to encounter the world and its resources.

Understanding that it is God who has designed you to think, feel, and act the way you do financially gives you the courage to embrace your type, while continually growing and maturing in how you relate to God and money. Once you’ve embraced your own type, you’ll create space for others to be who they are, and you’ll be positioned to understand them and relate to them in a way that enhances your own, and their own, financial well-being.

You’re free to embrace your money type when you understand that no one type is better than another, and that God designed each type. This realization gives you permission to listen to your own financial thoughts, emotions, and actions and discern how God has designed you and may want you to grow in your relationship to money.

Financial well-being is within your reach as you grow in your money type. You can possess the confidence and insight necessary to handle money in a God-honoring way that’s true to your deepest sense of self and healthy in emotional, spiritual, and relational ways. Embrace your money type as a core component of your identity, as a sacred aspect of who you understand yourself to be—a God-imaged person who is God’s partner in stewarding resources, loving others, and bringing hope into the world.

You now have a solid introduction to The Seven Money Types. I trust you have taken the quiz and discovered your dominant type and have started to discover what that means in terms of financial well-being in your life. But there’s much more to learn, such as how to resolve internal financial tension, how to better understand others, and how to avoid the shadow side of your money type.

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