Goodnight M.A. (I FOUND MY GLASSES)!!

My dear Blogger friends, I don’t think I told you about how I found my Glasses after a lot of prayers but, my glasses Where right in front of me, almost. I went ou with the dog times, I just had them in my hands when they fell. I walked out and every time praying. After a lot of prayers, there they were, Right smack between the large and heavy Swing and the pool.

I could have walked on it those 3 times but God is good and as I looked down, I had the best hour that day,il_570xN.688045596_1xs2fr4 LOL

Thank God for small Miracles that was huge for me.

Just think about, 7 to 10 working days to get them after the visit.

No insurance etc.. But, I found a place, just in case God did not give me my glasses back, an hour away from where I live where they give the Glasses the day after the visit.

Is not that I don’t trust the LORD, I always just get a Plan B on everything, just about.

Here it is, a happy me! il_570xN.688045596_1xs2

God Bless you all,







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