My Dear Blobber friends, Saturday will be my Birthday

I am proud of my age. I was born March 9th, 1955, that will make m 64 years young,

28 thoughts on “My Dear Blobber friends, Saturday will be my Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! You deserve to find your place of rest and relaxation. God is your Health, so He will see you over that sore throat. Thank Him for even the “messed up” moments; they can teach us something too. God Bless you both, as you present all your ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ to Him. Timothy.

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    1. I m learning everyday and I will be ok by Thursday because God is good and answers prayers. He know I m in a hurry. lol. Even my hearing test will be better then the last time. Every trial brings me closer to him.


    1. Thank you is tomorrow 😊 and I am going to an all day church thing and I will bring my Walker. After walking 10 minutes the pain is too much to bear. Love you 😘❤️❤️❤️


    2. Toby works ad my day started badly with his mother I tried to truly love, she does not love me so, waterer God and Toby love me. Child Of Go. The wonderful healer my Abba My Jesus and Holy Spirit in me will bring back tje joy stronger yet. I should not have called her. My fault in a way.


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