Goodnight M.A. E.

My dear Blogger friends, my usual greeting to say goodnight to you and day for those that are up now, another birthday went by and I find myself not caring about how old I am but to just pause and remember that our years are known from the beginning and, every day is a gift from the Lord.

I want to wish you all a happy and blessed night or day wherever you are. Stay close to those who love you, especially Jesus.



The Rest Of My Birthday Day

Hello my friends, if you did read about the beginning of my day, was not fun but, for the rest of the day after Toby came home from work, He works Saturdays, we went shopping for my trip and to buy my father a pair of Levis Jeans 505s

After that, the girl that lived with her child with me for 8 months but was supposed to stay 3 at the most, Long story there, came by with her boyfriend soon to be fiancee and his 3 and her one child.

That was nice after all, I  forgave her and care about her a lot. (wish You Knew this story but too long to write)

Here making no sense at all…



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