My Birthday Story this monrning

I went on Facebook which I do very rarely, I am too busy and social media is not for me. I need a physical interchange. I found Happy Birthday Greetings bu, nowhere was Toby’s mom Happy Birthday wishes, All these years she would write a card, call and etc.  this year NOTHING. I knew what the problem was and I wanted to fix it.

When Toby was doing porn. my mistake was calling her for a bit of comfort instead she said it was not important in a marriage. I freaked out that day but, after telling her That since my mom died I was hoping she would treat me a little like a mother she did not care.

She went off on me like a lion protecting her favored little baby

If it was not for me 24 years ago telling Toby to call his mother often, Or, if I was a jealous wife, same the same. NO, I Bought her lots of presents, specifically me. When she came visit treated her like a queen and took bad manners and words from her.

I have her and will again but I will make some things changing.

Sorry, I will post this, Forgive me for being mean to her but I will push PUBLISH.,



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