1. Dear Michael, I am a Blogger friend of Pat (Child of God) who she has invited to become another administrator on her blog site. Basically, I believe in the saying, “too many cooks spoil the soup.” Therefore, I haven’t ‘yet’ accepted this invite. (Still considering). My original intent was to offer to her site my “copyrighted” songs and poems while she was away on her trip to Italy. I do not wish to “give up” my own blog site by ‘linking it’ to hers. If all the administrators currently working with Pat are for my joining, ok. But, I do not wish ever to take any position above another’s. We are all equals here! Please let me know by reply to my site. Talk this over with Pat and Ike as well. God bless you! Timothy Baugh. PS: Try to let me know as soon as is possible for you.

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    1. My friends, I do not want to “take ” anything away from either of you, God Knows that. I did not realize Timothy I was doing that since I have done it with Michael. I appreciate the offer for the songs. I need to get straight with God about that!!! I love you as my true brothers. Whatever you want to do, do. I meant is all in both your hands. Forgive my intrusion. I have been so so busy, mostly Drs and Shopping, it is why the Caught LOL. I love the Lord with all my heart and I am and always be a sinner. I live by Grace running the Race. That is all.


    2. I will speak with Michael late tonight he ie in a faraway country, LOL PLEASE I am not trying to take over jus some help now and later. I just want to give you the freedom to post what you want because I know what kinds of things you post and music, I LOVE and I need to be “honorable”


    3. Michael will only post one a day, 1 post a day I need you and Ike my longtime friend from Nigeria. He is a true Child of God, courageous filled by the Spirit of God. Calm, not like me. (:


  2. I am trying to understand. You would like it if I, likewise, could post maybe once a day? or more? I know ‘in part’ what would be expected of me as an administrator. I am just trying to figure whether what I do on ‘my blog’ would be as appropriate; as I am my own writer, editor, and publisher there. I certainly don’t want to offend anyone if they don’t agree with me. I only asked of Michael’s consent so as not to take anyone off guard, or by surprise with the new person coming on the site. Didn’t know he is in a faraway country. Anyhow… is what I post on my own blog (exercising discretion here) okay with you? I don’t feel any of the poems or songs I could possibly go wrong with. I’m sorry, if it might be difficult to respond with last minute trip preparations and all. I will definitely decide tonight so as not to worry you any. Timothy

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          1. Jonathan Caswell is the author of that post was his name and my other friend are at the top of my first page or, I will put them again. Please forgive me today I posted so late because I was busy all day.

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