Last minute dentist, changing currency etc.

Yes, I a out again, I feel a bit better.

My father opened the house on the Alps and told me is very cold ☹️he has a fireplace and wood stove but I m going to go to the mall later and get a scarf. I saw it yesterday.

Well, talk later,

Hugs and thanks for stopping bye. I am excited.


Pat, Child Of God

30 thoughts on “Last minute dentist, changing currency etc.

        1. LOL, I am at loss. Toby just went to sleep I am posting then will watch some “UGLY, I KNOW, NEWS” Can’t pray if you have no idea what you could pray for in the word nature. I mean Twisters Hurricanes Etc. NEWS of the day. RIGHT? Is my English OK? LOL HUGS


          1. Thank you, dear. I am not tired. When I have a busy day I get really a natural high and the trips I start a week earlier. I took meds to sleep and, I am awake again or should I say, still?

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          2. Ae you still following me? I think everyone That I missed their comments probably think that I am rude. Thank you sorry I am so late, again. I am just now learning how to find Comments, LOL


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