Entry from: “How To Weave The Character Of Christ Into Your Life.” (A book written by Timothy Baugh.) The Grieving Heart Of God And Jesus Christ Revealed.

 “Oh that my grief were thoroughly weighed, (accounted for) and my calamity (pain and suffering) laid (lifted up) in the balances together! For now it would be heavier than the sand of the sea: therefore (for this reason) my words are swallowed up.” (overwhelm me) Job 6:2-3. (With my own emphasis)       It was not for Himself that God would ever grieve. Nor did Jesus Christ grieve for Himself but for those He did love…Us. Consider the great love that God and Christ have for others (us). Meditate on this immeasurable love, in which you must so adjust your mind, heart, and spirit that you long for the wealth (well being) and welfare of all beings (animals included), including the forgiveness and the happiness of your enemies.       Prayer  Most loving God. May I truly grieve with your great compassion and pity for this world where your children are in distress. Help me to vividly imagine and feel their pain, suffering, misery, and heartache. To know in my soul their anxieties and fears. Let me come along side them all to comfort them as able. When not able, let me never be desensitized to those who are sick, afflicted, or tormented. Help me to cheer up everyone, even as what you cheer me. In Your Holy Presence I pray for their relief. Amen

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