24 thoughts on “Looking Toward The Light

      1. ha ha ,I thank God when I begun blogging on wordpress on 31/01/14 ,I went through WordPress tutorials,both on website and videos.
        This is what they hinted to in a nutshell,when you are ready you will be found.
        I have seen writers with better blogs than me begin acquire more followers than me but after a year or two they fade,I’m still here,with 312 followers under obscurity,when my time comes my blog may crush because of those who will seek me ,, he he

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        1. James, I can understand your frustration here with not getting many viewers/ “followers” to your own blog site. Such is the nature of Social Media. People are looking for something that “instantaneously” piques their interest. You could be very popular one day, and the next be a ‘has been’ ! I surrendered the results to the Lord Jesus Christ. I too have few (2 “followers”), but many “likes” (which comes to me as SPAM). I too, know that the content of what I write is valuable to some. But you can’t please everyone. People should “follow” Jesus and not me anyway; since I seek no public adoration. This, I suggest, should REALLY be the focus of your blog too. God bless you! Timothy. PS: Being a “Lantern” is all you really need to be for Christ.

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  1. Upon closer examination I question the ‘wonderman’s poetry’ link. Does he actually believe that someone named Dr. David Owour IS the Prophet Elijah who is now here? I will not debate that assumption, but only ask for people to beware of deceiving prophets nowadays. Interesting poetry. Too soon to say whether the author is on the ‘right path’ or not. He does appear to believe in Jesus Christ. God bless us with the gift of discernment. Don’t follow anyone who claims to “speak for God” unless you know they truly are used by His Holy Spirit. Timothy.

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