Happily Ever After. (A poem by Timothy Baugh.) March 15, 2019.

Happily ever after doesn’t mean that all is right. Our lives are like old pictures- seldom seen as black and white. When you find that ‘secret place’ deep inside your troubled soul. Then there is no great hardship that can veer you from your goal. For, at every new beginning, at every dawning day, there are angels bringing you hope along the way. So let us be forgiving, in all we do or say. Let us live the ‘Kingdom now’ for which we seek and pray.  Yes, the lens through which we see things depends upon our point of view. Embrace the Heavenly Light and everything will then be new. Despite the changing scenery, it is really up to you. For you are the Producer, and your own Director too! Jesus is writing out each Life Script; no matter what we may think. So let us all bring our lives into focus. And then the whole won’t stink!

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