Keeping God’s Word Hid In Our Hearts. Psalm 119- The Heartbeat of Jesus. (By Timothy Baugh.) March 15, 2019.

“Blessed (Happy and spiritually rewarded) are the undefiled (pure, perfect, sincere) in the way, (the way they live their life) who walk in the law of the LORD. (who live according to His Word or rules). Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, (his sworn and proven statements of Truth) and seek him with the whole heart. (and desire to know Him with their whole being). They also do no iniquity; (do not sin) they walk in his ways.” (they model their lives after His nature and character.) Psalm 119: 1-3 (with my own insights added).   The way to live a consecrated life is to desire to know God with all our being. May we model our lives after His nature and character.       Prayer   Save us, God of our strength and our life, from our self, and all our destructive ways. Only Your holy Word as imbibed by our spirit can keep us from all Sin. Let your Holy Spirit restore now any separation between us, and safeguard your children from all evil. We truly love You. Thank you for your grace and forgiveness towards all. Amen. 

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