What is the “Business of Living” anyway? (By Timothy Baugh.) March 15, 2019.

When I thought of this question; it held a certain profound, ‘underlying truth’ that we don’t choose to consciously consider. Our “business” is how we perceive Life is currently using us. Some people resent such a word as it implies that we have become totally self- focused and self- absorbed in living our daily lives.  I myself do, but then again don’t. Currently, my sense of aimlessness is slowly developing the courage to ‘move ahead’ and meet those gigantic challenges that face me.  The typical individual finds that, even in “retirement” you are planning out each moment as it comes. Not me! I am slowly, at 60, trying to find my ‘passion’ and ‘drive’. What is the “zeal for living” anyway? Jesus Christ, he alone is MY BUSINESS now. He is my “zeal for living”!  I’m not even quite sure I know what that means yet. But when I can publicly pray unashamed of my “religiosity”; then I have reached a milestone in my own journey of faith. When I can speak of my faith to anyone without offending them; then I have accomplished “the miraculous”, so to speak. Our everyday work is what we have allowed to define just who we are. It doesn’t have to earn us a livelihood. Yet, work ISN’T about “expressing” your reason for being! What is that? Are we “about our Father’s business”? Ah Ha! That, my friends, is WHY you are put here.   Everyday, if we even pray “the Lord’s Prayer”, we say, “Thy Will be done”. Do we actively pursue the Will of God for our lives?  I am trying now to discern ‘that much’ for myself. That is my work. How about you? Can you say the same? or, does even the very concept of “God” scare you into a hasty retreat? LIVE UNASHAMED! Don’t be cowardly, like I was, anymore! Prove your worth to all! These are my own “motivational speeches”, as spoken by the Spirit of Christ to me. They are your words too. Claim them, and move out into the world to win the victory that awaits you. Amen.

One thought on “What is the “Business of Living” anyway? (By Timothy Baugh.) March 15, 2019.

  1. So true! I have recently been astounded by the very breath that we breathe has been given to us. He allows me to take my next breath. My life has become so focused on doing what He wants me to do, this life is but a blip to what is to come.

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