To Trust and Obey. (Copyrighted.) (Rewritten, as inspired.) A poem from Timothy Baugh. March 23, 2019.

As the honey that distills from the comb of the bees; so will the honey from my heart flow to others that I meet. And as (the) milk that flows from a (loving) mother that loves her (newborn children), her dear ones; so also will I (likewise) offer of my hope in Thee, my God, to the thirsty souls that long for You. As a fountain that gushes out its refreshing water, so will my heart gush out my praise to others of my Lord, and my life will show my thanksgiving. My face will exult in His goodness, and my spirit will exult in His love. My soul will shine in Him. My reverence (devotion and respect) confides (is willingly given with assurance) in (to) Him; and my redemption (salvation) in Him stands assured (confident). For His inheritance is Eternal Life, and all those who participate (take part) in it are (living so as to be) without Sin. Hallelujah. Amen.