Grace Revealed. (Rewritten, as inspired.) Copyrighted. By Timothy Baugh. March 26, 2019.

No way is (too) hard where there is a simple (trusting) heart. Nor is there any true wound of the soul where the thoughts are upright. (focused on God). Nor is there any storm (that is lasting) in the depth of the illuminated thought. Where one is surrounded on every side by (God’s) beauty, there is nothing that is ugly. The likeness of what is below us (of this Earth) is like that which is above us. (in Heaven.) For (we come to see how) everything is of the Divine grace. What is (seen as) of this world is nothing but the vain imaginations of those that are without knowledge of the Lord’s goodness. Grace has been revealed for your salvation. Believe, live, and be saved. For it is only by grace that you stand. Hallelujah.

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