Marriage Talk

Encourage Yourself In The Lord

Marriage Talk: Before you say, I do
Almost everyone wants to get married… you know, watch the sunset with the one you love, see a movie, or do things together for the rest of your life; that is everyone’s dream, and nobody (who is in love) goes into marriage with divorce in mind, they all dream of happily ever after. All these are good, but if you must experience such in marriage, you need to put in the work.

Contrary to popular belief, marriage is not a box full of intimacy, sexual fulfillment, friendship, and companionship, but this is a wrong notion about marriage, and that is why many are disappointed when they realize their expectations are not met. Forget what the media describes to you, marriage, in reality, is an empty box… yes, an empty box. You need to put something inside the box before you can take something…

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4 thoughts on “Marriage Talk

  1. Michael, you have presented many talking points for building a strong, God-inspired marriage. Looking at the beginning of an empty box is very useful. A man and a woman need to fill the box daily with love, good habits, emotional talk, prayer, emotional touch, and so much more. Most amazing, the simple things seem to help keep the box filled as well.

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