From, ‘The Spiritual Life Journal (Journey).’ (A personal journal entry- June 7-10, 2014. By Timothy Baugh. For March 28, 2019. (A long read, but well worth it!)

As followers of the Messiah we must trust implicitly in His guidance and  direction. “Follow the Leader” is only as hard as what we make of it. If we neglect to look for the dangers along the way; certainly we will find our share of troubles. Here are some dangers that we should look for along the path or trail we walk… 1. Sharp or jagged rocks- These are often the little things we can either cut our feet on, or stumble over. They are all our own doubts, worries, and concerns about people, life, or circumstances beyond our control. 2. Uneven ground or pot holes -These are often the addictions, bad habits, and obsessions that trip us up, or make us struggle to step securely. We tend to ignore them until they make us fall flat on our faces! Unless we can see them for what they are we won’t avoid them! 3. Hedges with sharp thorns- These are all our past memories that unless avoided will only scratch, puncture, and wound us. Often we can see them, but “brush up against them”, all the same. 4. Poisonous plants- These are our attitudes and behaviors that “poison” or “infect” our thoughts and feelings towards ourselves or others. We need to be able to ‘identify’ them for what they are and avoid them. 5. Snakes- These are those “subtle” and “sly” insinuations and suggestions that tempt us to let down our guard and give in to a moment’s indulgence or self-pity. They will “paralyze” us with fear and inject a poison that will spiritually kill us. They have their way of hypnotizing us and holding us captive while they attack us. 6. Mice or rats- These are those affections we have that often look “harmless”; but end up carrying “diseases” and “viruses” that can bring ‘spiritual sickness’ and death to our souls. They are our hidden loves and compulsions that scurry quickly into our dreams and fantasies. 7. Bees- Although very small: minor annoyances and irritations towards others can bother us all the same. When we allow them to accumulate the “swarm” of annoyances and irritations can harm us with their sting. Some Christians prove to be “allergic” to the sting which can cause “swellings”, shock, or ‘spiritual’ death.   Yes, this path of Life; the trail we walk is not without its potential hazards. Try as we may, we can not avoid them. Diligence is the safeguard; but obedience means the assurance of protection each step of the way.       “The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger.” Job 17:9. 

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