Tired! Another small window on my trip.

My dear Blogger Friends,

I have been Blogging all day with a little later and I am so, so, tired!

I am not used to be back yet and that Jet leg ILLNESS, (that is what it feels like, LOL) is still lingering.

My going on my Italy trip was a way for the Lord to help me find some closure.

When one day my father took me to my old orphanage, I relived a small part of my childhood and it was not a pretty picture.

Also, I relived part of my adolescence another not so pretty picture but, I chose to forgive and put my mind on the happy times.

It was truly hard for a 64 years old woman to feel as the time was not passed when my father did change my life.

I grew up with a perfectionist that wanted me to be perfect, Just imagen that part as well.

Almost funny since I had been sick all my life until Jesus intervention.

Well, reminiscing on my past is useless I chose the present and the peace of the Holy Spirit,


Pat, Child Of the Only God, The Lord Jesus Christ.

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