Had a day I cannot forget please pray for abused women.

A friend from Church came by, I was going to give her a present.I did sell jewelers and my little business did not take off so I give out a lot of gifts.

She came with her daughter that has many problems including a bad addiction to pain pills and xanax.

Her boyfriend had beaten her and her mom took her to see me. Because she needed me to talk to her. Toby at first started to tell her to leave him and girls at least 4 hours we talked and never reached a solution.

If this woman 30 years old does not change her life she will eventually get killed. Things are truly bad and she need strength to leave him. Battered women syndrome is what keeps her on drugs with him, this evil man. Please pray for her all you brothers and sisters in Christ and all the rest that might feel the desire to do so. I am truly concerned. This is woman number 2 in one day. A friend the night before last had to spend the night in my home after a beating from her boyfriend. This is happening every day everywhere. Please pray for all abused women.

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