Our Miracle. (A lesson learnt). By Timothy Baugh. April 10, 2019.

Why must we seek forever for a sign instead of looking for the light within? It is not in the skies the light will shine but in ourselves God’s glimmer of faith will begin and grow. If we would find Him let us seek not vainly for strange visions, but look to the consciousness that pervades all… the life that dwells in all. We shall not hear His voice unless we know that all of Life is constantly speaking to us. And unless we speak kind words to others we don’t see the power inherent in such. We will not see Him evidenced everywhere in the small, unnoticed, everyday Good Deeds of a good life returned to us; unless we seek to find. Life can ‘work’ for us. Jesus came to tell us that. I shall not find my miracle in any other way but by the transformation of my mind and the path of a humble and contrite heart.    

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