About Balance. From the Copyrighted book, ‘Divine Concepts or Insights Into How Life Is. (Works)’. By Timothy Baugh. April 13, 2019. (A somewhat long read, but well worth it!).

Light and darkness, form and formlessness, order and chaos, life and death, good and evil- all these show duality, opposites in tension or equilibrium with each other. All natural forces, whether they attract or repel, whether they show any tendency to bond together or break apart are held in a balance, one to another. The three forces of inspiration, creativity, and rest are at a balance. So are impetus, activity, and inertia.   So, why do we find such a balance in all things known of our natural world and Nature Itself? One can only surmise it is due to the constant maintenance, provision, and ‘control’ operating and overseeing existence; inherent as characteristic of an intelligent ‘creative power’ at work.   It is for a deeper reason that Mankind has been given a teaching (through the Bible) not only of the Physical Creation of the universe, but by way of similarity of Spiritual Regeneration as well. The child lives in a world of representations- and representative truth is sufficient for him. But, when we enter this real and actual physical world, we ‘need’ to know it completely, as it is ‘eventually’. We need to distinguish, in time, between the natural and the spiritual aspects of ourselves, and must learn the origin of each.  This is where learning of ‘BALANCE’ is vitally important! Our reason becomes active and we inquire into the relations of things, their connection and order, the modes of their actions, their forms and composition, their functions, their origins, and how and why they came into being.   The maturing mind is not satisfied with blind faith alone. It must see how and why; it clamors for the experiences of seeing for itself. The reflecting youth accepts the facts that there is a great arena of natural and physical things around him/her, and that there is also a world of realities- spiritual things, of which he/she is partly conscious, because they enter into his/her own imagination and thought. It is quite normal that our reason should wish to survey all the possibilities as to the origins of these two worlds, before we can feel sure of our place in the universe.   Oftentimes, we will feel “out of place” with our world and our surroundings because we lack the proper balance between our Physical and Spiritual self. May we then turn to our Heavenly Father and Parent; confident that ‘LOVE’ is always there for us. Amen.

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