9 thoughts on “I need to apologize to those that commented and did not receive replies. I do not get most notifications and I just found out how to find them and Hopefully I Will remember. Please forgive me. I did reply earlier to all.

      1. You are welcome. There are probably still some cute little WordPress quirks that I don’t know about. It’s one reason I re-blog a number of posts that focus on WordPress tricks or suggestions as sometimes I learn things that I didn’t know WordPress could do.

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          1. In that case, what about videos? I usually highlight a YouTube video daily. I will see if I can find some that offer WordPress hints, suggestions, and tricks. I haven’t gone through any of these videos yet, but https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wordpress+tips+and+tricks+for+beginners

            One of my problems with videos is being half-deaf is my laptop and phone can’t crank up the volume loud enough so I have to use captioning and many vloggers don’t edit the captioning so I have to try and interpret what they said based on captioned words that have no resemblance to whatever was actually said.

            I will dig through the YouTube link and see if I can find some that can help.

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          2. Unfortunately my hearing aids only work if you are 20-30 feet away. At that range, I could hear you fine. For some reason, they don’t work well if the speaker is within 1 – 10 feet. I am trying to come up with an alternative that’s affordable and actually works.

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