Institute For Creation Research

April 2019

Climate Alarmism and the Age of the Earth
Many evangelical Christians think global warming is a serious issue that demands drastic action.1 At the Institute for Creation Research we tend to be skeptical of the claim that increasing amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) will cause Earth…
Changing Lives One at a Time
I recently worked a booth at a Dallas women’s conference, where ICR sponsored a table. We provided free books, magazines, devotionals, and information to anyone who stopped by our display. That…
Theophanies in the Old Testament: The Creator at Work i.,.
As Easter approaches, we tend to focus our reflections on the life, death, and glorious resurrection of Christ. We even mark the timeline of history by whether events happened before (BC) or after (AD)…
Marine Fossils Mixed with Hell Creek Dinosaurs
Recently, a new species of shark was found at the site where T. rex “Sue” was extracted.1While this didn’t surprise Flood geologists,2 it required some special…
Recent Humans with Archaic Features Upend Evolution
Ideas shaping the concept of human evolution have largely played out through images. Characters with large brow ridges and sloping foreheads—including Homo neanderthalensis and Homo erectus—have…
Engineered Adaptability: New Distributed Problem-Solvin.,.
Phil B. Gaskill and Randy J. Guliuzza, P.E., M.D. The Engineered Adaptability series of articles in Acts & Facts has argued that most adaptations—broadly mischaracterized as “evolution”…
Are Fossils Just Rocks Shaped like Bones?
I picked up my first fossil from beneath a swing in Kansas when I was six years old. Fossils have fascinated me ever since. Soon after, our family visited a dinosaur museum. The nice lady there explained…
Termite Skyscrapers Hidden in Plain View
Many evolutionists fail to see what is “hidden in plain view” for the same reason British Celts saw the wrong thing when Julius Caesar attacked them in 54 BC. Since the Britons never recruited…
T. rex, Tours, and Testimonies
Nearly a year has passed since work began on the internal exhibits of the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History. Our lifelike animatronic T. rex was the first major installation in April…


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