About Communication. From the Copyrighted book, ‘Divine Concepts or Insights Into How Life Is. (Works)’. By Timothy Baugh. For April 14, 2019. (A somewhat long read, but well worth it!)

“And God said”. When there was but darkness Naturally and spiritually then God brought enlightenment and the dawn of intelligence to Mankind. God’s Divine Love, even Goodness Itself, was ‘communicated’ to us in our confusion and ignorance. Thus does God continue, even today and always, to ‘communicate’ to us in various ways. The very nature or ‘heart’ of the All-Loving, Intelligent Creative Power desires to be known, and fully loved FREELY in return.   To all those who are lonely, confused, dispairing, and hurt; God’s Love wishes to ‘communicate’, to reach and lift up into the Light of His presence. Even, as a tender mother nourishes and secures (protects) her child; so God is concerned with us in ‘ALL’ ways, at ‘ALL’ times. To do any less would be contrary to all that ‘IS’ God- even to GOODNESS Itself.   Truth, as Love, is conveyed through our minds, hearts, spirits and souls. The world within is as real, if not more real, than that outside of us. We have yet to communicate with God, Life Itself, ‘heart to Heart’ or ‘soul to Soul’.   Does LIFE ITSELF ‘communicate’ with us? Yes, it does! Does BEAUTY? Yes! Does LOVE? Yes, it truly does; and more so than we are willing to acknowledge on any given day. Constantly, ‘ALL’ of the universe is ‘communicating’ with us in myriad (countless) ways.   Our innermost being (spirit) must seek out a connection with God- Life Itself- to ‘hear’ or ‘receive’ the small, still voice of God within. Caution must be exercised as to ‘whose’ voice we choose to actually listen to. Yet, listen we ‘must’ or we are left but to our own wayward thoughts.   When, in our day by day lives our minds become bombarded by the ever-ready, distracting ‘voices’ of those thoughts which would divert our attention; it is then that we MUST quiet ourselves and seek out God.   One method through which God has sought to ‘reveal’ Himself is by His Divine Word (the Bible). And yet, God is ‘revealed’ in innumerable ways. A pure heart will always see Him. So will a broken, contrite spirit. As the true saying so aptly states: “Where there is a will, there is a way.”   So, let us establish a communication with God on a daily basis. As a loving, obedient child seeks guidance, direction, and support from his or her parent; so let us turn our hearts to our True Parent and desire to honor, respect, and learn from Him. Then will our life be full of joy and we will be truly blessed. Amen. 

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