I don’t remember if I wrote this or not in my sporadic writings so since is very emotional, I will be quick.

I was 17 and just had an abortion, a terrible thing my parents made me do and I am not saying I am innocent because I had 2 more.

I am ashamed, have been broken because of this and, when I finally surrendered to God

I spent a full day screaming in agony for the loss of my children that I and only I had caused.

I pray you will not judge me but I deserve it.

I am been utterly honest and brutal but I need to tell the truth.

God’s love is an unimaginable thing.


10 thoughts on “I don’t remember if I wrote this or not in my sporadic writings so since is very emotional, I will be quick.

  1. No, I don’t – and wouldn’t – judge you for I have NO right to do so. Judgment is God’s, not ours.
    I commend your courage to share that painful experience. I know it liberates you somehow from the burden. Count me in as one of your supporters. God bless you!
    The Catalyst

  2. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your painful story I pray God will use it to set others free from bondage. Jesus Christ paid a heavy price on the cross of Calvary for our sins. By His blood our sins have been forgiven, No one should be judging you. Who are we to judge a child of the living God whom He has forgiven ?
    Use your painful experience to bring glory to God.

  3. Thank you for your witness. Now I have an assignment for you. Now that you got that out and said it, and have grieved over it as you have indicated, you are now trying to atone by telling about it. What you need to do is tell how you know that God has forgiven you. You will forever have difficulty forgiving yourself, but if you have turned your life to God the sin is gone, never to be brought up by God again. But Satan is a crafty foe and you will find yourself feeling unforgiven if you don’t remember clearly what God brought you out of.

    1. I just saw your message. Thank you. it took me a long time not to hate myself and forgave all that hurt e deeply.
      God is healing my 3 mental illnesses plus emotional problems and trauma. I know I m loved and forgiven and the Lord has a purpose for me. I thank you for your encouragement,
      GOD bless you

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