Lessons learnt from Storms. Copyrighted. By Timothy Baugh. For April 15, 2019.

I have come to see how all we experience ‘exteriorly’ (Physically) has its ‘interior’ (Spiritual) correspondence for us. Here are some lessons that I have learnt recently. 1. Storms are caused by a build up of pressure. Likewise, in our lives; when pressure occurs due to circumstances beyond our control, then will we be “showered” or “overwhelmed” by our problems. 2. Storms are caused by turbulence. Likewise, when we have turmoil and disturbances in our lives, our hardships and tribulations are likely to increase. 3. Storms clean up the atmosphere. Likewise, struggles and challenges in our life clean up the ‘Spiritual environment’ in which we live when we study the “Cause and Effect” relationship of our thoughts and feelings towards everything. 4. Storms help plants to grow. Likewise, all that we encounter in Life is meant to help us, just like a tree or plant, to grow, develop, and mature towards producing something of benefit for others. 5. Storms can cause much damage and destruction requiring either “rescue efforts” or “clean-up” afterwards. Likewise, in Life, it may require our active  participation to save ourselves from harm and further trauma. We may be called to “clear away the debris” of our errors in judgement and correct the mistakes we have made. 6. Storms can cause “Power outages”. Likewise, when going through much confusion in Life, darkness may surround us ‘temporarily’ and we feel immobilized and helpless. 7. Storms can cause fear, anxiety, stress, and worry. Likewise, Life may cause the same things. Thankfully, they are only temporary. 8. Storms can block/hide the Sun. Likewise, in Life, all our hardships and trials can block/hide the Light of God and His Presence from us. Again, this is only a temporary appearance. 9. Storms can ruin everything. Likewise, Evil (Natural or otherwise) can ruin any hope or optimism for the future. God gives us the chance to “renew” our relationship towards Him at these times. He is always there for us to “Start over”. 10. Storms can bring a rainbow with them. Likewise, Life can take a turn for the better once we look towards God’s Promise of Peace as we trust in His faithfulness towards us.   


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