Are You the Best You?

She is an Amazing Woman!

An Artist a Ghost Writer and much more.

PLEASE check her site is worth it.


Juli Ocean

Photo by Bill Koruna

In another lifetime, you would have found me meandering
around art shows perusing paintings, admiring pottery and wishing I had enough
money to buy the whole collection of metal wind sculptures. To say I was into
art was a vast understatement. For years I drew and painted and sculpted and
threw pots. My passion was humorous illustration and my circle of friends
thought I was pretty good; although some people raved, always saying I’d be a
famous artist, I didn’t grow much beyond being a big fish in a pretty tight
fitting pond. Back then, I used to talk a pretty good game about being in
animation. I loved cartoons and animated flicks.

One day, I found myself living in the same city with a major
animation studio. Although I was young, at that time, I had been drawing for fifteen
years. I was self- taught…

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