Christ Is. (A Copyrighted poem.) By Timothy Baugh. April 16,2019.

Christ is a rose that does blossom inside. His fragrant love is a gift I can’t hide. I’ll grow in Him, and so fruitful I’ll be! His great Love and His Grace for all to see. (Song of Solomon 2:1.)   Christ is a Sun that shines deep in my heart. His radiant beams cause all darkness to part. I’ll sing His praises- all evil will flee. He’s the Sun that shines out from in me. (Psalm 84:11.)   Christ is the ‘Light’ that shines out from my soul. Christ is the Life that does mend and make whole. He died “for me”, and He bore all my sin. He’s My Light that shines out from within. (Matthew 5:16.)   Christ is a vine that will last for all time. Christ is My Friend, who would give His last dime. Living in Him; on to heights I would climb. He’s the vine that will last throughout time. (John 15:3.)  

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