Eternal Life  
Thoughts on the Passage

Nicodemus is still struggling so Jesus gives a simple example.

The story is of God’s people who were disobedient – and so God judged them by sending serpents among them. They bit the people and the people cried to God. God responded by having Moses build the bronze serpent and if the people looked at it they would live.

Whoever looks to Jesus will live. God sent Jesus to release life to a broken and sinful world. Jesus died so that mankind would live. People had two choices when they were bitten by the serpent – look and live or refuse to look and die. People today have two choices – believe in Jesus and receive spiritual life or refuse Jesus and die. 

Why would anyone not look to Jesus for eternal life? It makes no sense why anyone would choose to reject this life. People reject – because they do not want their sin exposed. Remember that. Remember that Adam and Eve hid rather than have their sin exposed. We have all tried to hide our sins – no one wants to be exposed. Those who humble themselves get eternal life. 


Stop today and see if there is anything in your life that God wants to shine His light on. Be quiet and let the Spirit reveal it. Now choose – will you let the light expose it or will you hide so it remains hidden? It is painful, difficult and a humbling experience. Will you look to Jesus? Will you turn and hide?

Time to Pray

Father, this is one of the clearest pictures of Jesus in Your Word. It is such a beautiful picture. It also exposes our hearts. No one likes to be exposed – I do not like it. Jesus, we need to be exposed so that we can come and receive forgiveness. Without it, there is spiritual death. The tragedy of exposure is better than the tragedy of eternal death. In my daily walk, I still need to come to Your light. I need to see where sin has hidden itself in my life. I need to see where I have failed in my walk with You. I need to see it – because coming to You and Your light releases life. And I want Your life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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