Victory Over Sickness


God’s Word tells us that by the stripes of Jesus we are healed. When Jesus died and rose again, He defeated sin, death, and sickness in all its forms for all of eternity. It’s amazing that, through Him, we share in this victory! But what does victory over sickness mean for us while we still live in a fallen world?

Throughout the New Testament, we find examples of incredible healings performed by Jesus as well as by the Apostles acting in the power of His name. In reading these testimonies of healing, it can be easy to assume that God will answer our prayers about sickness a certain way: instant freedom from pain, total healing from an incurable or terminal diagnosis, or a complete victory over anxiety. So what do we do when our experience doesn’t meet our expectations? We need to be careful not to limit the incredible depth of what healing looks like.

The apostle Paul told us in Romans 8:28 that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him. That doesn’t mean everything that happens is good – Jesus’ victory over sin and death didn’t eliminate all the trials from our lives on earth. In fact, in John 16:33, Jesus promised that we will experience trouble in this world, and sickness is no doubt a part of the difficulties we face. While God still intervenes many times in miraculous ways, we aren’t necessarily guaranteed complete healing this side of heaven. But we can be certain of the everlasting victory that our salvation guarantees. We will spend eternity in the presence of God, full of joy and completely free from sickness, sin, death, pain, and anxiety.

Don’t be discouraged by what might seem like an unanswered prayer or an outcome that doesn’t meet your expectations. God does hear your prayers, and in all things, He is working for your good and His glory. As we continue this Easter season, ask God to give you an eternal perspective. When we keep the reality of heaven in mind, we are able to pray boldly and walk with confidence through any trial knowing that no matter the outcome, we win.

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8 thoughts on “Victory Over Sickness

    1. Remember that I give God the Credit but I am very Blessed when HE uses me.
      I have some wonderful mews I mention this a while back but I will make a post about how God is going to use me again It is a beautiful thing feeling the Spirit of God when HE is Pleased.


        1. I love people and the LORD but do not read lots of things I post. I might go back as I did with you and seriously read it but I trust what I share still I made my disclaimer that I do not agree with everything I post. Is like a little challenge like with my Teacher Chuck Missler that truly opened my eyes to the Gospel. I do not post things that I find new that I do not check first. I try to be careful and post a lot to touch people’s hearts in one way or another. The Lord always uses us for His purpose when we surrender completely to Him.

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