He Is- Providential

Esther 6:1–2

God isn’t mentioned in the book of Esther, but his fingerprints are everywhere. Who but God could give a king insomnia, ensure that the section of the chronicles recording Mordecai’s intercession for the king was read and bring to light the evil that Haman had planned? God is providential, coordinating events ahead of time and intervening for his people.

You may not realize God’s at work, but he’s busy behind the scenes, working in your life. Look for him in the people you meet and the places you go. Your providential God will make things happen for your good and his glory (see Romans 8:28–30).



  1. Our God never sleeps. His works are known by His intervention in human lives and shedding light on the evil around us. If God is for us, who can be against us??

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          1. I have no desire to lead you, or anyone , on. As I have frequently—over years of blogging—admitted to long-term depression,—which brings up searching questions by younger believers—and unbelievers–about my faith.It’s just a struggle—mostly in the battlefield of the mind—that’s all!

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          1. Please—Consider carefully and prayerfully! Deliberately opening oneself up to be vulnerable—in an open setting like this—is not wise, for others not as considerate as your normal crowd could drop in at ANYTIME! See Proverbs 11: 22. This applies to foolish guys, too!

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          2. You are right in a way but I m not ashamed of the Gospel. If you prefer I will not openly talk about it with u my friend. I am not judging. I just want to talk about Him because I am so very loved by Him.

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