As I think about the goodness of the Lord I find myself filled with the joy that comes from HIS SPIRIT.

I was outside looking up in the sky as the cool air caressed my face I felt such Joy in the knowledge of my Salvation. Anyone can Worship Who they want but only Jesus saves. Please Lay your lives down all of those that are seeking you will find the type of Joy and Pece that “surpasses any understanding” by giving your life to Him.

With Him you are safe, He will never let you down. He is God, was human and suffered for us all. Tears of blood fell from His eyes as He the sins of the world flowed into him our GOD, SAVIOR, just asked the Father one thing and it was after this human emotion, a small hesitation that then, He did what HE came for to do. Died and gave us the chance to live forever with Him when we pass away.

Do not ignore this Easter Day HIS call.

Ask Him into your hearts because that is surrender to His Will for your life.

As I said, you are safe and loved in Him. and you will never regret it, I know it personally.


Pat and Toby

Child Of God

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