Goodnight M.A.E

My dear Blogger friends,

Long day today.

I finally spoke again with the Word Press engineer about having problems with leaving likes that do not register. If it seems that I m not stopping by for a few days is not truly my fault. Is a glitch on the Word Press Platform.

I will stop by as many times as I can. One thing is by having more followers is that is harder to check everyone every day.

I will do my best.

You are blessing me and must tell you how grateful i am. I pray a devotional, passage or anything at all I post will touch you and I give God the Glory when that happenes.

Love you all.

God Bless you,



Child Of God

YouVersion Devotional “Undecided”


Perfection Not Required

When you first realize that God has orchestrated all of creation to reach you with His message, it can be intriguing — maybe even exhilarating. Then, you remember just how imperfect you are. That’s a natural reaction when you start getting closer to God. He’s perfect.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to be “good news” — that’s what the word gospel means. But the harsh truth is that we are separated from God because of our imperfection. Our sin is like a disease that leaves us in quarantine. Because of God’s perfection, he cannot allow sin to go unpunished. Left untreated, your sin disease will eventually land you in a place reserved for punishing Satan himself. It’s called Hell — a place of darkness, fire and pain.

The good news is that God’s perfection and holiness are equally matched by his mercy and compassion. He doesn’t want a single human to suffer in Hell, so he made a cure available. To satisfy the penalty for our sins, he allowed his son Jesus to take punishment in our place. In exchange, God offers us forgiveness — a complete pardon.

If you choose to become a Christ follower, you have to be equally willing to acknowledge your deepest sins and accept his most comprehensive forgiveness. The Gospel is a universal appeal to a universally broken species. If you think you have something to offer God that would make him more likely to accept you, just forget about it. The very best any of us could manage would be ridiculously insignificant and just as ridiculously unnecessary.

Since Jesus alone was capable of paying our penalty, he became the only door through which we have access to God. Jesus told his closest followers, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” His exclusive claim is bold, but he backed it up by laying down his own life in our place.

One of my favorite quotes from the Bible to share with people is, “God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Paul wrote that in his letter to the Roman church surrounded by a pagan culture far from God.

The really scary thing about the limitless forgiveness of God is that it leaves us all without an excuse. God has opened the doors of Heaven to all of humanity. With such an open invitation, if we choose not to accept it, we decline our only means of salvation. There’s no alternative. There’s no back door. The front door is open and the invitation has been issued without prejudice.

A powerfully limitless God would like to consider you a friend. You can ignore his invitation, but the door won’t close as long as there’s breath in your lungs. You can be a rebel, but you don’t have the power to change his mind. He won’t rescind his invitation.


God, I know that I am far from perfect. Help me comprehend your forgiveness and your plan for restoration. Jesus, give me the courage to accept you as the only doorway to God.

Devotional YouVersion “Undecided”



God can see out across all of time like waves on the horizon of Heaven. He sees you — every version of you. He sees the selfish and selfless, wise and foolish. He sees your darkest shame and proudest joy. He sees you in the present and the past just as clearly as he sees you in the future.

In fact, he sees every possible version of your future — all the alternate versions of what you might become with different choices and circumstances. He knows your greatest potential and the greatest threats to your destiny. God exists outside of time and has the amazing ability to see all these versions of you at once. The good and bad — the past, present and future — are all intertwined in his eyes.

We’re accustomed  to seeing ourselves as we are today. We assume God sees us the same way, but God’s feelings for you are like the light from stars. When you appreciate the beauty of a starry night, it can feel as if that moment were arranged just for you. But the light from the most distant of those stars has been traveling for thousands of years just to meet your eyes as you glance up.

Meanwhile, the nearest stars only had to shine their beams for a few years to reach you at that same time. They’re all part of an ancient symphony God choreographed to reach you at that exact moment. It may seem haphazard, but God tapped his baton to start the concert long before your great grandparents were conceived.

Imagine living for another hundred years, and you’re lying on your back looking up at the sky watching the constellations take shape early in the evening. That future celestial concert has already been written, and it’s speeding toward that future moment with you in the backyard of a home you don’t even own yet on a cloudless night at that exact moment you will walk outside.

God’s feelings for you are just as choreographed. Long before you gasped for your first breath of earth air, and before you ever read your first passages from the Bible, and long before you did anything to deserve approval or punishment from God — he was writing the symphony of his love for you — all of you.

That’s why when God’s angel spoke to a frightened impotent Gideon hiding in the winepress, he said “the Lord is with you, Mighty Warrior.” It wasn’t a pep talk. He wasn’t trying to psych Gideon up so he would act boldly. God saw every version of Gideon, including the future warrior who would soon destroy the ungodly idols of his father and lead a bold charge with an underdog army to dispel the evil that had plagued Israel.

If you ever intend to have a deeper relationship with God than you do right now, you will have to learn to accept his unconditional love. Don’t bring your guilty presumptions. Jesus saw all of your sins before he carried them on the cross, and he suffered in spite of it all because his love for you was established long ago.


God, help me to understand the depth and complexity of your love. You know more about me than I can comprehend, and you still love me. Open my eyes so that I recognize the little moments you choreographed just for me.