YouVersion Devotional, Deep

We have a choice every single day. Actually, we have a lot of choices! Sometimes it’s easier to be grumpy rather than joyful. It’s easier to stay content with where we are instead of trying to grow or make more mature decisions. It’s easier to tear others down rather than build them up. When we choose to take the easier road, we are actually choosing a less joyful, peaceful, and faith-filled life. Because even though it’s hard, when you choose the road God wants for you, you’re choosing a life filled with peace, joy, and spiritual growth. Ask God to help you as you live out your faith through the choices you make each and every day.

8 thoughts on “YouVersion Devotional, Deep

  1. It is so easy to not choose happiness or peace. I don’t know why. And also what is maturity? Is it choosing something that is not good for you because people think it to be mature or choosing what really makes you happy and peaceful.

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