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  1. Dear Pat (Child of God), I am so thankful to the Lord for you. Knowing of you and this blog site is truly a “Godsend” in my life. You have helped me find productivity and usefulness, that I prayed to the Lord for when ‘re-inventing’ my life after the recent deaths I have known. God Bless you, Toby, and family most abundantly now and always. I pray for you all. Timothy

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  2. Dear Timothy I an say the same thing about you. I noticed a new sparkle and commitment with Blogging .
    We need each other brothers and sisters in Christ loving on one another. I pray for everyone in my blog and a few people separately. I will make sure to pray more for you. I love you in Christ and pray for the Lord’s Blessing for you and your family. God knows our needs and we all need eachother. If u want to talk or vent you can always write me an email. I think this could be the bigenning of a true friendship. If u want privacy patriziaveen@gmail.com is my personal email . I love you in Christ and as a truefriend to be if you want to…thank you for the kindness u have given me. God bless u m here for you anytime. Tell me if God directs you about your losses a little more in an email and I m putting u on my prayer list . Today. I try to do the list every week but the Holy Spirit brings people to my mind and heart everyday.thank you for been such a gentle Spirit a gift from the Holy Spirit.
    Child if God or pat as u prefer.


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