10 thoughts on “Should I keep Blogging?

  1. Keep it original and one post a day. My suggestion would be not to post things which you read someplace and just posted thinking it would benefit others. If you still want to share compile all your reading into one post…stating 1 to 10. All of us has limited time in a day and we want to read all who are reading ours. What do you think?

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        1. I am sorry I don’t understand how I can compile all my posts in one especially since I post several times a day. I am depressed tonight about the visits been down. I Am doing the best I can to visit on phone as well as laptop.By the way, nice meeting you and thank you.


  2. Dearest Sister Pat (Child of God), I had struggled with this exact same issue for years before I “surrendered” the entire outcome of my personal blog to the Lord. Yes, you wonder, ‘should I post more, or less’? ‘Should I just ‘hang it all up’ and say, “Well, I gave it my best try”? People on the whole, whether Christian or not, won’t ALWAYS ‘have your back’, but Jesus definitely will! I believe, THIS BLOG IS USED BY HIM AS AN OUTREACH MINISTRY. He has blessed and prospered such from its humble beginning. You are well aware of this, but Satan is using your depression to try to defeat you! Don’t believe for one minute that Jesus will EVER be thwarted in His purpose! Take the matter to Him in prayer, surrender the outcome to Him, and then rest in His peace from then on. This is extremely hard to do, but it will be most rewarding. God bless you! Remember, He is Lord of His Work and we are just servants. Timothy


    1. Timothy, I feel so so much better after your reply. Thank you. Yes, the enemy does not like me much! LOL, I will try to read more of others and don’t really post so so much! They deserve it but will not QUIT. THANK YOU, MY FRIEND.


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