A Spiritual Understanding Of Christ’s Beatitudes. (Or, Where to begin your spiritual journey. A revelation given.) (Copyrighted.) By Timothy Baugh. May 5, 2019. Part 1.

Matthew 5: 3-12 (with my own insights.)   verse 3. Jesus said, Blessed are the poor in spirit: (inwardly rewarded are they that are reaching out for spiritual help, using their strength and will power for humility’s sake. Rewarded are those that are willing to learn in Life of themselves, and are waiting for the understanding of the Truth of Existence.) 4. Blessed are they that mourn. (inwardly rewarded are they that acknowledge their sins (faults and weaknesses), and are humbly trying to overcome them and do better.) For they shall be comforted. (consoled, forgiven, and helped.) 5. Blessed are the meek. (inwardly rewarded are they that are determined to be obedient to God’s Laws for living. They will be rulers over their mind, circumstances, and body desires.) For they will inherit the Earth. (For they will learn to stand strong against all attacks from others by being protected by God.) 6. Blessed are they which hunger and thirst for righteousness. (inwardly rewarded are they that want and desire the spiritual life, a better life for their soul.) For they shall be filled. (for they shall become strong in character,— filled with spiritual goodness as the result of their soul awakening and beginning to live anew.) 7. Blessed are the merciful. (inwardly rewarded are they that forgive.) For they shall receive mercy. (for they shall show themselves worthy of mercy, God’s forgiveness. They also will be given time to make corrections of their faults and weaknesses.) 8. Blessed are the pure in heart. (inwardly rewarded are they that are humble, those with sincere hearts towards learning of God and living for God only. They shall become conscious of God’s Presence in their life; as they are His Children.) For they shall see God. (they shall see how God is working in their lives day-to-day.)  

Goodnight M.A.E

My Dear Blogger friends,

Here I m, alone with the dog and the cat actually.

Toby was “on call” with the City utilities and was called out again.

Poor sweetie had 3-hour sleep between calls and I have no idea when he will get back home.

I must, on the other end of things thank God for the overtime that comes always on time. God IS so very good!

Pray all if you are well but if not I am here if you need prayers just let me know what for. I pray for all of my followers almost every day.

I know some of you are doing that for me as well.

Prayers are free but powerful

I believe that truly.

Thank you for stopping by and all the Comments.

Is very nice to read them.

God bless you,



Child of God.