Where is your inner guidance actually coming from? By Timothy Baugh. May 10, 2019.

“And he (Jesus) said unto them, Unto you (the Apostles) it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them (the majority of the unbelieving world) that are without, (without the understanding of spiritual matters), all these things are done (spoken or illustrated) in parables.” Mark 4:11. (with my own insights added.)       Jesus came to manifest the name of His Father. That is, He came to show us all of what the Divine is like when we are guided by the Life of God. God’s Light comes in vibrations that reach the hearts of the humble and receptive souls. This kingdom, or the reign of God in our lives, is from the Gospel of the light (truth) and love streaming from the heart of God. Those without a heart desire for that light to guide them are really only for their material gain. That is why we glory in our own accomplishments and successes, and such clear direction is obsure, because we need to become conscious of the truth. By serving the Truth, as we come to understand such, we get help when we need sure guidance. But first, we must take care of all truthfulness in motive. Do we feel indebted to ourselves for all of Life’s answers? After we acknowledge that the mystery is only solved by God Alone… then we can get help from God. If we do this, then we are in harmony with the Laws of God for our lives and success will be our reward. When our heart is in harmony and connected with the flow of Divine Providence; then whatever direction Life will lead us, as long as we obey the Laws of God sincerely, we will prosper, thrive, and succeed. Let us surrender to His guidance now. Amen.

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