Would Jesus have ever been bored by others? (or, Does God Ever Ignore Us?) By Timothy Baugh. May 11, 2019.

Although we tend to believe that like Job in the Old Testament Jesus had infinite patience and long-suffering towards others; we must remember that He was human too! Was it possible that He found some people incredibly dull and boring? Even to ‘rolling his eyes’? Perhaps. When I think of how God, our Father has to patiently listen to the complaining, murmuring, and incessant whining of His children; (See Mark 18:1-8.) then I imagine many yawns and moments of drooping eyes. Does this mean the inattention of God to those issues and subjects of our lives? Does God ever ‘IGNORE’ us? Perhaps.   When a parent knows that it is best to let the child learn for his or her own self; we look upon those moments as ‘instruction’. If the Teacher is constantly demanding the full attention and participation of the students; then we would question the Teacher’s methods. Life will always ‘teach‘ us likewise, in the same way. Even when it seems we are nothing more than “blockheads”!   Like many a Pastor or Minister; I’m sure Jesus had those who fell asleep during His teaching. It would also go against reason to say that people didn’t irritate and annoy Jesus. Thankfully, He was not like some strict disciplinarian who could not ‘adjust himself ‘ to the idiosyncrasies and quirks of others. And, thankfully he was not like a temperamental despot who demanded everyone agree with him OR ELSE!   Prayer   My Lord Jesus, I realize how patient You try to be with me and my childish ways. Help me to make myself worthy of Your loving concern and attention. Forgive me for where I may frustrate You and Your Holy Spirit at any time. Keep me as the apple of Your eye. In Your name I come to You now and always seeking You. Amen.