Does the total surrender of your will to God mean the end to your happiness? (or,When your desires are in conflict with God’s Intention.) By Timothy Baugh. May 13, 2019.

“Salt is good, (to have that which enhances the quality is beneficial) but if the salt has lost its saltiness, (distinctive characteristic) how will you make it salty (unique) again? Have salt (a distinctive character that is beneficial towards all) in yourselves, and be at peace (live in harmony) with one another.” (Are we living in “harmony” with God?) Mark 9:50. (with my own insights added.)       We need to analyze our personal sacrifice to God to ‘learn’ whether it is beneficial towards all. But when in analyzing things we find that we are regretting the surrender in favor of our own happiness, how then will we be able to undo our decision? Our real sacrifice is not of our wills. Our “true” sacrifice is of our life! Are we looking at it that way? Or, are we considering continuing on with the way we have always done things in Life?   Living in harmony with how God intends for us involves giving up ‘EVERYTHING’ in obedience to His Intention. That is, everything ‘except’ FAITH. When Jesus surrendered ‘EVERYTHING’, faith was the one thing He ‘NEVER’ surrendered!   Jesus also, earlier in this same Chapter in Mark mentions maiming or blinding ourselves in order to enter into Life unhindered by our own desires. Surely if He could sacrifice His life, why would our giving up our sin and evil living be so difficult? Because our belief in our own memory of satisfaction (howbeit temporary) makes it a struggle to relinquish our hold on our idea of ownership. Our minds and hearts are not for the betterment of our souls. When the memory of gratification of our desires persists; we are living in darkness and hidden from the Light of God’s Presence. Are we living, like others, to “take credit” for another’s accomplishment? Or, will we stand on God’s merit? Let us all have the “salt” within us as what Jesus did. Amen. 

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