What are we as Christians meant to “come out of”? (or, How not to be a partaker of another’s sin.) By Timothy Baugh. May 14, 2019.

“And I heard another voice from heaven, (the very Presence of God) saying, Come out of her, (Babylon, representative of that which profanes all that is good, right, proper, and true) my people, (the faithful and true followers of Jesus) that ye be not partakers (participants, or those who would adapt the ways and practices of) her (that which weakens one’s devotion and faith) sins, and that ye receive not her plagues. (receive the due consequences for your life of disobedience.) For her (representing all that falsely draws us away from Jesus as Lord and Savior) sins have reached into heaven, and God hath (‘HAS’ and ‘DOES’ call into account) remembered her iniquities. (faults and shortcomings).  Revelation 18: 4-5. (with my own insights added.)     Today we, as Christians, the followers of Jesus Christ have many an enemy that battles against our souls. To point to any one thing or person (beyond OURSELVES) is to find an easy excuse to give in to cowardice and fear. Compromise is more due to a weak resolve than to any evil force or entity. Our own minds and hearts are “ALLOWED” to become fully imprisoned within a mindset, or system of belief, that will totally corrupt us if we continue to weakly subject our souls to that authority in our lives. Being an Overcomer, or one who stands victorious over all; is only possible when we surrender unswervingly to Jesus, and allow His Holy Spirit full reign. Though we may understand this…. how truly narrow is the path that we are called to walk on! Conscientiously, we may object to much that would influence our decision-making ability. But we often act as our own worst enemy, unconsciously. Staying alert means staying within His Spirit, His Life, to direct and guide our whole being constantly. Pay attention to His call! Amen.