Day 133: Read today’s devotional on Bible Gateway.

Practicing Worship

Read Numbers 29:1-6

“Celebrate the Festival of Trumpets each year on the first day of the appointed month in early autumn. You must call an official day for holy assembly, and you may do no ordinary work. On that day you must present a burnt offering as a pleasing aroma to the Lord. It will consist of one young bull, one ram, and seven one-year-old male lambs, all with no defects.”
(Numbers 29:1-2)


The Festival of Trumpets demonstrated three important practices that can guide our worship today.

People gathered together to celebrate and worship. Worshiping with other believers in community is a means of encouragement. We can draw one another’s attention back to the God whom we worship.

People rested from their regular work by suspending their normal routines. It takes time to worship. Putting aside our schedules and our priorities sets that time apart experientially. This prepares our spirits to worship. And it gives us space to reflect afterward.

People gave God something of value by sacrificing animals as burnt offerings to him. We express our love for God when we give him something that’s valuable to us.

God desires wholehearted worship. When we set time aside to worship with others and prepare a special gift to give to God, it requires our complete involvement.


Which of these practices can you focus on more intentionally in preparing to worship next time? How will you do it?

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