Where to Find the Most Magnificent TV Show Sets

The Giant’s Causeway is made up of 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, which formed due to a volcanic fissure eruption. The causeway itself is located in County Antrim on the north coast of Northern Ireland, near the town of Bushmills. For centuries, the area has held some mythical beliefs, including that the columns were made by a giant named Finn MacCool after being challenged to a fight by another Scottish giant. MacCool built the causeway in order to walk to Scotland. In one iteration of the story, the Scottish giant flees back to his homeland, destroying MacCool’s causeway in his wake.

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Nothing beats catching up on the latest episode of your favorite television show, except maybe seeing it in person. Luckily for fans, these incredibly popular tv shows were filmed in real destinations where you can immerse yourself into some of your favorite scenes. Some locations even offer set tours.
Game of Thrones (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Arguably one of the most popular tv shows of today, Game of Thrones has been able to thrill viewers by filming in stunning locations all over the world, including Iceland, Ireland and Croatia. Fans might recognize these red rooftops in Dubrovnik, Croatia, as the fictional King’s Landing where the royal family resides. The city offers a variety of tours on land and sea, so fans can feel like they’ve just stepped foot into Westeros.

Downton Abbey (South East England)

Fans might recognize the Highclere Castle in Newbury as the beautiful Victorian manor from the award-winning show Downton Abbey. The series was filmed in other locations in South East England such as London, Lincolnshire and Bampton, where most of the village scenes were set. There are a wide variety of tours available for fans to see the most notable filming locations in the region.
Lost (Oahu, Hawaii)

The hit tv show Lost captured viewers with a mysterious, beautiful island that becomes home to its characters. Oahu, Hawaii, is “The Island” that the infamous plane crash-landed on in the series. See the location of their main camp at Mākua Beach, or the Dharma Initiative Base at Camp Erdman. Due to popularity, Honolulu Magazine put together a great list of other favorite filming locations around the island.
Westworld (Moab, Utah)

A video game-like world where opportunities are limitless, coupled with stunning, and slightly ominous scenery is what initially made Westworldsuch a huge hit with fans. Most of the canyon and desert shots in this series were filmed in various parks in Utah, especially in Castle Valley and Fisher Valley, along Route 128. You’ll think you’ve stepped straight into the show when you take a drive through these desert mountains.
The Handmaid’s Tale (Ontario, Canada)

The Handmaid’s Tale took the world by storm as a futuristic version of a dystopian United States. Fans will immediately recognize several filming locations in the cities of Cambridge and Hamilton, Ontario. Take a stroll by the lovely Grand River in Cambridge, the setting of “The Wall” and a source of terror on the show. Shots from these two cities and downtown Toronto form the basis of locations for this series.

The Vikings (East Ireland)

Visiting filming sites from The Vikings in picturesque East Ireland is surprisingly easy. Fictional Kattegat, Ragnar’s home in the series, is actually called Lake (Lough) Tay and is located in the Wicklow Mountains. You can visit this location with an hour drive south of Dublin. There are other filming sites throughout Dublin to visit, and for serious fans, there is an 8-day self-drive tour of major filming locations in the series.

Source: National Trust | Date Updated: May 15, 2019

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