God Is In Control Of Everything! (or, Why panic about ‘anything’ when it is going to be okay?) By Timothy Baugh. May 17, 2019.

“What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.” Psalm 56:4.       When the door of our heart is coming off the hinges (figuratively speaking) due to anxiety, fear, panic, or worry about our ability to face any challenge; then is when our trust in God needs to remain steadfast and sure. Emotional and mental stability comes when we release to God’s Oversight (Divine Providence) situations and circumstances that would momentarily throw us into unnecessary stress. His governing control is in the most minute of our concerns. Unfortunately, drama and turmoil seem to be, for many of us, our daily companions. Life is now fearful and anxiety ridden of a more complete and overwhelming nature. It isn’t just the minor unpredictable crises that waylay us either! Everything can look like an obstacle in our path when paranoia and irrationality take hold of us. Like children, our “monsters” don’t need to wait for the evening to come out of their hiding places. Our projected fears only make everything become more alive and looming in proportions. Imagining the worst possible scenario in our minds is now a commonplace occurrence because this world is seen as a negative environment to be in. Jesus is our hope! Jesus is our “Blessed Assurance” now and always that ALL will be okay. “How do we really know that?” you may ask. Because, just think about this: If Jesus Himself could go through the very worst that Life had to offer Him, how do any of the “End of the World” personal crises we face even compare to that? It isn’t the magnitude of the crises we may face. It is the determination we have to face whatever comes our way, “undefeated”; regardless of how difficult and painful it is. Jesus faced all His challenges head on. Can we say the same for ourselves?   

15 thoughts on “God Is In Control Of Everything! (or, Why panic about ‘anything’ when it is going to be okay?) By Timothy Baugh. May 17, 2019.

  1. Dear Pat (Child of God), It has been verified by WordPress.com that my drafts that I wished to publicly publish on your blog have been selectively “deleted” by you. May I ask why? Why would you not so much as kindly ‘tell me’ before you did such? And why were the posts offensive to you? If you truly wish to make me happy, then communication is the first step. Please, if there is a problem that I am causing for you, then I would like to know. I am only a guest on your blog. I was “invited” to “come onboard” by you. But, when things occur that I can’t quite figure out, I hope you may be able to tell me. You are one of my dearest friends, you can tell me if I am bothering you in some way. Thank you for your patience with me. Timothy


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