God Is In Control Of Everything! (or, Why panic about ‘anything’ when it is going to be okay?) By Timothy Baugh. May 17, 2019.

“What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.” Psalm 56:4.       When the door of our heart is coming off the hinges (figuratively speaking) due to anxiety, fear, panic, or worry about our ability to face any challenge; then is when our trust in God needs to remain steadfast and sure. Emotional and mental stability comes when we release to God’s Oversight (Divine Providence) situations and circumstances that would momentarily throw us into unnecessary stress. His governing control is in the most minute of our concerns. Unfortunately, drama and turmoil seem to be, for many of us, our daily companions. Life is now fearful and anxiety ridden of a more complete and overwhelming nature. It isn’t just the minor unpredictable crises that waylay us either! Everything can look like an obstacle in our path when paranoia and irrationality take hold of us. Like children, our “monsters” don’t need to wait for the evening to come out of their hiding places. Our projected fears only make everything become more alive and looming in proportions. Imagining the worst possible scenario in our minds is now a commonplace occurrence because this world is seen as a negative environment to be in. Jesus is our hope! Jesus is our “Blessed Assurance” now and always that ALL will be okay. “How do we really know that?” you may ask. Because, just think about this: If Jesus Himself could go through the very worst that Life had to offer Him, how do any of the “End of the World” personal crises we face even compare to that? It isn’t the magnitude of the crises we may face. It is the determination we have to face whatever comes our way, “undefeated”; regardless of how difficult and painful it is. Jesus faced all His challenges head on. Can we say the same for ourselves?   

15 thoughts on “God Is In Control Of Everything! (or, Why panic about ‘anything’ when it is going to be okay?) By Timothy Baugh. May 17, 2019.

  1. Dear Pat (Child of God), God Bless You! I adjusted the print for you. You may feel that telling me how to do things in blogging is helpful, but I do feel occassionally annoyed and hurt by you sometimes; although you may never mean to hurt me intentionally. Sometimes I feel you like taking all the credit for my work in posting. Maybe that is the wrong perspective, but I question whether it is WordPress.com or you. (Just being honest, not vain or conceited!) You are a very intelligent person who CAN communicate effectively (as we both can) when able. If it is an ‘unstated rule’ that I should let you control the content of your blog; I highly respect that. I only want to be “seen” and not “hidden away” so as to be overlooked. I think ‘that much’ was initially important for your readers to come to know of me, and for me to gain their acceptance of me. As I said, I think you don’t mean anything “intentionally”. Being new to this is exciting, but not without its challenges. Let us work together towards God’s Glory, to share Him with others. That, after all, is my only intention, as I feel it is yours too. In His Love towards you and all. Timothy

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    1. Thank you very much I noticed it. I never meant to hurt you. At night my OCD kicks in and I need to post less and leave you space. Just please let me know what is a good night to stop for me writing at 12 am eastern time so you can put your posts in. I do a lot of work for the site and I consider you my equal. Sorry I get carried away. Often I don’t even know you just posted I did notice a few nights ago and I am truly sorry. REMEMBER your name is near mine and anyone can read any of your posts or mine or IKES anytime. I will try to be attentive when u post late but sometimes when I open the homepage it shows one of my posts not the last one in that case, a few days ago yours. Please forgive me. Tell me what time you like to post and I leave at least an hour before posting. Is that OK with you? I am not mean spirited and did not ever want to HDE you. You add a lot to my site.I want u happy. WHAT DO YOU PROPOSE? let’s talk about the solution.Let me know when you post and I put a sticker on one of them for 12 hours is that OK?


      1. Dear Pat (Child of God), I am blessed if only I ever read of my blog! I say this, not to be negative or pessimistic, but I do not get many viewers. I got one new “follower” but only because, like me, she also wanted more than 3 followers. I am not pushing you away from posting on my blog. But, like everyone else.. Do you really read of my posts on a ‘regular’ basis? or do you just skim through the post and “hopefully” return to read the rest later? My blog is my own form of therapy of a sorts. It is my creativity, God’s inspiration, and my passion. I rarely allow critiquing of my writing; as what is ‘comments’ are often SPAM and derogatory by some. Much derisive and foul language has never reached me, Thank God! You may post something if you’d like. I do not wish to forfeit my Ownership to my own blog in ANY way though. I will also pray that if something is troubling you, God will remedy that. Blessings and much love to you and Toby. Timothy

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        1. Dear Timothy, I understand about posting on your site will not be good for you. You need more followers so just put a post with your link and I will make it a sticker. I think a post about yourself as you see your blog. I do read the bigger ones and I appreciate what you write. I respect you. I m doing ok with the Lord’s Spirit but had a few bad days. The enemy is after me as you or anyone that love the Lord. I will put all my attention on your coming posts that are readable to me like that last one. Thank you girls fixing it. I will reblog your posts sometimes so get inspired and busy. I hope some of my followers will start following you. Just post everyday that helps. Do you want a sticker with your link?


        2. I will always from now on read all of your posts big enough. If they are to long I speed read ADD OCD DISASSOCIATION PTSD are all illnesses God in His Love and compassion is healing me from. Please forgive me for the time I could not read. I want to get to know you better my brother! I pray for my followers and in particular those that need more prayers. You are included in my prayers. If there is anything specific you need prayers for and u want it private send me an email. God started to use me for CR in Church and I am a facilitator for sexual Integrity group and will do mental health soon. God is good and He is using us to reach others. I am pretty close to 1.000 followers. I forgot how many 945 or so.i need you and we can help each other have no one helping me read other Bloggers posts etc. So I work at least 5 hours a day on the blog. I would love to share the work as well. lol. Is a lot but if it reaches one person is a job well done for the Lord. Can you share something about yourself in private if you prefer? I will try to show you that I do care about people and I m fighting my own wars with the Holy spirit help. I have some bad days but dont give up on God. Love you in Christ Jesus,


          1. Dear Pat (Child of God), I don’t know of all those things “personally” you have mentioned, but I certainly ‘understand’ them, having a degree in Psychology. I have to relate to everyone from a different set of social skills now; as I never truly knew how to interact with anyone. Not even family! Being without the necessary interaction with others has left me somewhat broken and extremely isolated. I too have my good and bad days. When I can step outside my door without the inner turmoil it is a “good day”. I appreciate your prayers. That much, means more than any missed contact with others. Including family. Satan has “stepped up” his efforts since he realizes that we mean “business” with God. Yes, it is hard to walk this narrow path. But, HE IS WITH US, isn’t He?! Remember, “followers” or not, it really is ALL about Him as the reason for our blogging. Later, Timothy

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          2. I agree with you 100% is all about Jesus I just expressed simply a wish to know you better but it’s OK if you do not want to share about yourself. My apologies if I have offended you in any way. God Bless you and Satan already lost.


          3. So…. Just what were those motives? If I am to not misunderstand them; then at least tell me WHY you did it to begin with? All I see so far is trying to explain why it was either okay or excusable. Or perhaps your feel you have done no wrong and I’m imagining all of this. I am going on the verified statement I received from WordPress.com. It is hurtful even to have to point it out to you. Think, did I do something I should have consulted with Timothy about first? I am very forgiving. But, is this just “covering over” something more serious? Let us


    2. Sorry, it took so long to answer I check the messages sporadically. I need to get better organized and maybe be you can go back to be in admin just do not put more than one sticker for 12 hours or so. I need to do the same. The stickers there already are a must have for me. Stickers are for occasionally can put one up if needed about yourself if you want or a post for 12 hours. use. I put a sticker on for a few hours then take it off except what you already see. I might have to rewrite all of that in one post. What do u think?


  2. Dear Pat (Child of God), It has been verified by WordPress.com that my drafts that I wished to publicly publish on your blog have been selectively “deleted” by you. May I ask why? Why would you not so much as kindly ‘tell me’ before you did such? And why were the posts offensive to you? If you truly wish to make me happy, then communication is the first step. Please, if there is a problem that I am causing for you, then I would like to know. I am only a guest on your blog. I was “invited” to “come onboard” by you. But, when things occur that I can’t quite figure out, I hope you may be able to tell me. You are one of my dearest friends, you can tell me if I am bothering you in some way. Thank you for your patience with me. Timothy


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