Whereas, We Do Not Need To ‘Constantly’ Ask For God’s Forgiveness; We Should ‘Want’ To Be Forgiven By Him, All The Same . By Timothy Baugh. May 18, 2019.

“For it is in Him we live and move and have our being; as in fact some of your own poets have said, “For we are also His offspring.” Acts 17: 28. (The New Testament In Modern Speech. Weymouth Version.)       God, Our Father is the source of our Life and Being. As such, for God not to love us completely and unconditionally, as that which came from Himself, would be for God not to ‘be’ Love and Forgiveness Itself. Our obedience to the Father will always involve a sacrifice on our part. Even for Jesus, God’s Beloved Son, obedience involved the “ultimate” sacrifice. Total submission to the Creator’s intention means giving up everything of our wills to gain all of God’s Blessing in exchange. Christ exemplified this principal from the beginning of Creation. God, in Love, gave us everything then. God will not withhold or deny us ‘anything’ for our ultimate good and happiness. Satan would have us think the opposite idea. However, there was set into being the Law of God that says, “Ye shall reap as you sow.” We know now of consequences; whereof our minds in ignorance and innocence ‘originally’ may have thought otherwise! Would God had wanted “perfect objects” that were ‘error-free’… how then could they ever respond to Him, or Him to them? Would this not be like viewing a picture in which you could never “interact” with it? Life is meant to be an interaction between the Creator (the Father) and the Creation (Us). Never are we ever to “go at it alone” or “unsupervised”. Again, this is the lie that Satan would have us all believe. The Tempter attempted to snatch away from God His Creation and render it null and void. Our Father knew this, and quickly remedied the situation. Love and Justice have always worked hand in hand. Hallelujah for that! 

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