YouVersion Devotional

Reading the Bible is one of the most important things a Christ follower can do. There are many benefits to making this a lifestyle. The first step is to acknowledge that the Bible is God’s inspired word. He used humans to pen the physical words as they were moved by the Holy Spirit.  We need to realize that these words are not like a typical teaching. God’s Words carry weight and, when followed, have the power of redemption and freedom.

The Bible is the main source of food that feeds your inner person. Many Christians have no problem understanding that they need multiple meals a day for sustenance for their physical flesh but struggle at the idea of having to feed their spirit. The Scripture is God’s will, wisdom, and direction. Begin to develop an appetite for it. Spend time allowing it to wash over your mind and heart. Before you know it you will be walking a life that is in communion with Christ and His purpose for your life.

Part of exercising your faith is to be a doer of God’s Word. For God’s Word to work in your life, you must act in obedience to what He says. Reading, studying, and memorizing God’s Word is fruitless if you don’t do what it says. Too many times Christians train their minds at the expense of their heart.

The sooner you learn to self-feed yourself, the faster you will grow in your fellowship with God. Too many Christians have been taught to be spoon fed. Every time you need something, you have to go to a pastor or priest. This keeps your relationship with God dependent on a person. Biblical community is a huge part of your walk with God, however, He wants you to learn to feed yourself and fellowship in the secret place with you and Him only.

I want to end today making you aware of the Holy Spirit’s role in the life of a believer. Many times, people don’t know about or acknowledge this person of God. Many Christians will live their whole life without understanding the huge importance the Holy Spirit should be given. From beginning to end of the Bible, the Holy Spirit is at work on behalf of Christ and God the father.

As you grow in your fellowship with God, the Holy Spirit will be there in as much of a role as you allow. He always glorifies God and confirms the Word. He brings conviction, truth, peace, help, strength, guidance, and power for daily living. He helps us in prayer and prays on our behalf. His job description is endless and is there to help you experience God. I encourage you to look for the Holy Spirit’s role in your life as you read the word and pray.

Action Items:

1. I encourage you to get a Bible as soon as possible. Ask a church leader, friend, or go to your local Christian book store and find a version that you can understand. Try and find the verses you read over the next few devotions in this book. Make your Bible the most read book you have.

2. Get in the Bible. This is God’s Word for your life. Feed your spirit as often as you feed your flesh. Along with that, take some time and write out an introduction letter to the Holy Spirit. Acknowledge Him as God. Ask Him to reveal the Word of God to you in understanding and help you grow. Start looking for His leadings in your life on a daily basis.

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