My Life as a rose. (An allegory). By Timothy Baugh.

My life on this earth started much like the bud of a new rose. I was beautiful and gradually unfolded to be all that I was potentially designed to be. A certain grace and inner wonder was inherent in me. But, in the years of development, there were many forces at work externally that tried to attack and stifle my growth. My environment was not always ideal for my maturing and creative life within me. I was subjected to parasites that threatened to eat away at the strength and fortitude I had. Yet, I persevered. Storms also came and went… battering me, and nourishing me both at the same time. Days were not always bright and sunny, but often I was ignored and passed by unnoticed by others. I try to fit in, to be accepted among my peers. I have endured some of the worst years to get to where I now am. I am not vain-glorious or more exalted than any other. I remain humble and willing to be admired by others; if only they would pay attention to me. God has brought me to this place, and when it is my time to go; I will be removed to another place. I was not aware of my purpose, my reason for being. I grew by the hand of God and continue by such. Don’t pity me my friends! God knew all along what He was doing when I came into being. Even if everything should go right or wrong concerning me; I remain in His care and constant attention. I’m not even all that this world would want, but I am what He wants. That, after all, is what matters above everything.

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