Can Being “Christian” Save The World? (A poem.) By Timothy Baugh.

America is a land with a sad, blue heart, where homeless ones beg on the streets. We are told, “Reach out!, For it is up to you. Share God’s love with all whom you meet!” Yes, we all long to be loved and free. It’s all that we ever hope to be. And God will give them serenity, along with a true security. But, Jesus does hear prayer from a wounded heart. And He feels when they are alone. For He knows the ways that set us apart, can wound one’s soul clear to the bone. Our tomorrows hold a promise of yet greater things; that come within the passing of the year. So will we listen to our own prophets of doom, or gladly lift a soul to bring God’s cheer? The earth in all its beauty speaks a magnitude, of such wisdom that no human can compete. And so, let us join with that “great multitude” to humbly bow before God’s Mercy Seat. For He Alone can save the soul of America, not prophet, priest, or king. And He Alone is all we need, not anyone or anything! And finding Him is not so hard, as what we make it to be. We don’t need “magic spectacles” so to help us see. All around us is the proof we need to nourish every soul. God’s hands are not tied, but He gives to us in full. Oh, if we could only ask, then surely we would receive. Abundant grace is there for all, if only we believe! Revival… that precious word, that moves like fire across the land; will come to us once we believe, we have taken more than we can stand! Out with the old, the broken, the sick, our ways of getting it right. Let it be, Oh let it be, God’s Kingdom and His Light! Amen.  

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