1. All is forgotten and forgiven. I will continue to hold you up in prayer for continuous victory over any mental illness. I don’t know, but can imagine it being Hell sometimes. We are safe and secure in Jesus. Thank God for that! Timothy

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    1. I was doing very good but at times is a very hard weight. God carries it for me for the most part. Just a week ago HE showed me again how sick I used to be. I am grateful He carries a lot in His Grace. Check the new color please


  2. Dear Pat (Child of God), You did ask of us all to let you know if the new header was too dark. If by this you mean ‘the colors’, somewhat. But, as for ‘the picture’, it is perfect! I can “feel” the ‘calming effect’ of the colors. Or, was the “feeling” of freedom and deliverance more of what you wanted to convey? Either way, your choice was a good one. Good work! Timothy

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    1. thank you i had the background of the page a dark green so now is almost the same. I am glad you like it. Are you posting today do you think? you get many likes. i m happy God gets glorified, i m feeling better i had a Word from God after 3 weeks of battling the enemy and my 3 mental illnesses. Sorry i unknowingly have caused you pain.


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