I AM THAT! (or, Do we ‘become’ what we focus the most attention on in Life?) By Timothy Baugh.

“Keep thy heart (Diligently watch over what you allow to occupy the main focus of your affection) with all diligence; for out of it (what circumstances and situations you encounter) are the issues (the daily concerns) of life.” Proverbs 4:23. (with my own insights added.)       Another Proverb also says, “As a man thinks in his own heart; so is he.” We ‘literally’ become much of what we dread, fear, and obsessively dwell on in Life. In another sense; we oftentimes ‘ARE THAT’ which we critically assess and judge in another. Even deeper still, is the very thought that, We are all alike in more ways than we are different!  Jesus knew this fact, despite how others felt that he could not possibly relate to them or their pain. No matter how deep the wound we bear in our souls; there is ‘nothing’ that Jesus doesn’t relate to! How is it even conceivably possible that God, who made everything, did not want to “fix” EVERYTHING the very moment things went wrong? This applies to you too! How often do we feel “unique” and “totally different” from everyone and EVERYTHING when our hearts convince us that our isolation is permanently a part of us!? Such is how Evil (the Tempter) would seek to “steal, kill, and destroy” the very Image and Likeness of God from all Creation. Fortunately for us all, Our Father, God, foresaw this dilemma and ‘immediately’ remedied it by stepping into the picture. The LORD God so loved the world. Nothing was ever going to destroy you or anyone else. NEVER! If we become “destroyed”; He will seek to fix it. However, ‘when’ is not an issue for the Eternal God of infinite patience. Even seeming “errors in functioning” can work towards a more beneficial outcome. Hallelujah! Christ is triumphant! Are we?